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My name is Gil Horsky. I am passionate about marketing, innovation and design. This blog is a collection of reviews and my thoughts on the latest in my industry.

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Four Snacking & Packaging Trends

While the sit-down family dinner isn’t dead, it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Today, consumers are more likely to snack throughout the day, even when socializing over the weekend. There are four snacking trends that packaging designers can leverage to create product/package combinations that win consumers over. Mission Nutrition: From the addition […]

How Brands Grow 2.0

When I started my career in marketing in the FMCG industry, I had a manager that advised me to focus my marketing efforts on my brand loyalists. In his words “You should try to make our loyal consumers even heavier users of the brand, as probably 20% of our them can represent 80% of our […]

GloCal Packaging: Balancing global consistency with local relevance

The term “Think global, act local” was first coined in the context of environmental challenges, but has taken on a much wider meaning in recent years. The desire by multi-nationals and their marketing teams to drive a consistent proposition, packaging and design across markets and geographies is clear. It enables to quickly roll-out from one […]


The Future of Personalisation & Customisation

The fast technological evolution of Digital printing algorithms that enable millions of design permutations and 3D Printing have opened up new possibilities in terms of product and packaging personalization. We are all familiar with Coca-Cola’s named bottles and Oreo’s customised Colorfilled packs.The Share a Coke campaign saw the brand exchange their iconic logo with 250 […]


Gil Horsky Delivered Talk in Tel Aviv: The Power of Big & Small

On Tuesday 29th November Gil Horsky joined the Israeli FoodTech Community at the Google Campus TLV in Tel Aviv. This community consists of more than 1000 members and my talk being part of the “Meet the Global Food Giants” series that included previous speakers from companies like Nestle. In Horsky’s  capacity as Innovation Platform Lead […]

Christmas Gift - Gil Horsky

Gifting Expert is Recommending ‘Just-Right’ Gift Ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner we will all be hoping that our gift choices for our nearest and dearest are right on point. Gil Horsky is leading chocolate gifting innovation for Mondelēz Intl. the largest chocolate company in the world. As part of his work Gil Horsky has developed and launched chocolate […]