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Welcome to Gil Horsky's blog. Horsky is passionate about marketing, innovation and design. This blog is a collection of Horsky's reviews and thoughts on the latest in the industry.

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Gil Horsky explains AgriFood Tech

“AgriFood Tech is a relatively small but growing segment of the startup and venture capital world. It aims to improve and disrupt the global food and agriculture industry,” says Horsky. Globally, food and agriculture (agrifood) is an $8 trillion industry, responsible for feeding the planet and employing a significant proportion of it. The industry is […]


Horsky discussing the pressing problem of food waste

Gil Horsky, Global Innovation Platform Lead at Mondelēz, discusses the reasons why food is often wasted before it reaches our plates. If the amount of food wasted around the world was reduced by 25%, there would be enough food to feed all the people who are malnourished, according to the United Nations. That’s pretty powerful […]

brandpackaging-2017-conference-gil-horsky #2

Horsky explains the importance of packaging

As a speaker at the Packaging That Sells Conference in Chicago, Horsky explained the importance of packaging and why this is more relevant than ever. What does your package say about your brand? This was the main question addressed at Brand Packaging’s 2017 conference, with a mix of brand owners, agencies, academics and suppliers, offering a unique […]

Horsky on the balancing acts facing the food industry

Speaking at October’s Future Food Tech Conference in London, Horsky discussed the balancing act in the food industry to produce nutritionally enhanced products while still ensuring profitability.   Horsky explained: “On the one hand we have consumers demanding rightfully for more nutritious products, and the food companies pledging to change their portfolio and have healthier products […]

Gil Horsky #4

Horsky on innovation, personalization, 3-D printing, and more

Speaking to public relations and communications expert Liat Simha, Horsky tackles some of challenges facing the food industry, innovation, personalization, 3-D printing, and more…   What are the biggest challenges large food corporations are facing today? Horsky: The food industry has been going through significant changes in the last few years. Private equity groups and activist investors have […]

Horsky on cultured meat and how long it will take to bring to market

Gil Horsky, Global Innovation Platform lead at Mondelēz, discusses cultured meat – an alternative protein-based food source acquired through ‘tissue engineering’ technology. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that animal agriculture contributes to around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions of which 60% comes from the consumption of cow products. And with increasing demand for […]